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We've been so busy creating other people's online stores that we haven't actually created our site yet!
This is a temporary information page with some information about our service.

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About Store Monster

Store Monster is a high performance engine to power completely custom online stores for small to medium business.
We take all of the hassle and effort out of developing your own solution!

You can't really 'see' Store Monster in the sites that use our system, as it's the engine underneath the design..!
The system can power almost any eCommerce experience with a custom and unique design and custom functionality too for a high speed, custom solution.

Features list

  • Fully featured eCommerce backend
  • User registration & management
  • Guest & user cart processing
  • Highly secure SSL API endpoints
  • Integrates with common payment gateways such as Braintree, MIGS and others
  • Freight calculation and integration with common providers
  • Discounting system on shipping, individual products or store wide
  • SEO tools to handle your whole site's Google and search performance
  • Product management tools to handle all of your products and variations
  • Handles physical shipped products and digital downloads
  • Simplify your blogging, dynamic SEO landing page and FAQ requirements
  • Complete order management from order placed to complete
  • Operates on your own domain name!

Develop your businesses online store quickly, efficiently and easily with Store Monster.

We develop our platform to suit your needs, so if you have special requirements please don't hesitate to write and see how we can help you.

Feel free to write us today (via Facebook) for more information on how the system works.

Contact Store Monster

If you're a customer in need of some help or you are interested in having Store Monster develop a store for you; please contact us via the above contact form or through our Facebook page:

Terms & Conditions

Click the link to see the full Store Monster terms & conditions.