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Web store as a service agreement

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Service outline

Store Monster provides online stores and marketing services under the title of "webstore as a service" which provides a fully functional, custom built, high quality, eCommerce platform.

Your individual businesses agreement pricing is based on your businesses needs and the scale of the store you're developing. This may include an initial setup cost and/or a percentage of completed sales to be agreed upon between both parties.

We offer low cost eCommerce solutions that operate on a performance based model; working on a fixed percentage fee of sales approach.

This has the advantage of requiring us to work with you on an on-going basis to achieve a really great performing online ordering experience. We succeed together and there is no risk to you.

eCommerce online stores are almost never a ‘set and forget’ service. This service allows us have an on-going working relationship with your business; and continue to develop and improve your eCommerce solution with us on your team overtime.

Our agreement has no fixed term and is provided inline with these conditions while the service is active.

These terms & conditions may change at any stage without notice as the service is an on-going service, the terms and conditions occasionally change as required.

Our goal is for you to be able to outsource this entire part of your business, at a highly professional level, with no headaches, technical complications, no additional hidden costs, no costs for updates and changes; having someone on your team to help run the entire web store for you.

We provide a completely custom front end to suit your business and brand, custom developed, SEO optimised and it's 'very fast'... with high quality programming, built to your satisfaction and needs.

The internal store processing components come from our server and are not deployed to your site directly. So your store acts as a custom shell for the internal system, which is developed to handle multiple systems.

This has many big advantages for a small-medium online store, if a bug is fixed, it's fixed for everyone... if a new feature is added, that new feature is available for everyone.

What is included with our service fee:

  • All on-going system maintenance, bug fixes, software & security upgrades, new features and developments.
  • Access to our custom backend platform for your team to process your orders, manage your products and run your eCommerce business.
  • Technical support (remote and phone support) is provided for your staff, store and your customers as required.
  • Any additional labour in improving and upgrading your store inline with advice from 3rd party SEO providers is provided for free.
  • The service fee does not apply to orders that have come to your business through other avenues (phone orders, etc.) even if they found your business through our online store.
  • The service fee applies to all orders that have been processed through our online ordering system, without distinction between customers.
  • We are able to offer alternate pricing for high volume customers with discounted pricing structures using multi tiered pricing systems, please enquire directly to discuss.
  • Our system has significant performance to handle high volume stores that require high level performance.

Additional expenses:

  • Web hosting is required for your online store and provided with our standard "Store Monster Plus" web hosting package, this is currently $349 GST inc. per 2 years.
    This also includes a free SSL certificate, is based on high speed SSD hosting servers within Australia, unlimited email accounts and includes all related maintenance and total storage up to 5Gb.
    At this stage Store Monster is only deployed to our servers using this hosting service for security reasons; this may change in the future as the service further develops.
    This hosting expense may vary in price slightly from year to year; and also may change as server requirements and supply pricing changes.
  • Domain hosting is recommended through one of our web suppliers Ventra IP.
  • It is best practise for the store to own and mantain their own domain name registration; then grant us access as required for setup.
  • Transaction fees are different with every 3rd party provider; we recommend:
    * PayPal
    * Visa / MC via Braintree
    * CBA payment gateway (MIGS)
    Although, we can integrate with most payment & freight providers as you require; and they have appropriate web services for the job.
    Please see the provider for current pricing on their services.
  • We provide limited SEO services and the platform is SEO optimised by default.
    You are welcome to engage our SEO partners for additional SEO development on your site; if you have specific SEO goals.
  • Any labour required to implement changes from your SEO company is provided for free, although governed but what is possible on our server at our discretion.

FAQ & Common Questions & Policies

  • Who decides on item pricing?
    Live product pricing is provided exclusively by the individual store, not by Store Monster.
  • Do you charge fees for 3rd party services?
    The Store Monster system includes the ability to connect with 3rd party services such as TNT Express (freight calculation), Australia Post (freight calculation), Braintree (payment gateway), CBA (payment gateway), etc.
    These are provided at no cost from Store Monster to you, although you are responsible to pay any usage fee's as required by them. We do not charge payment fees or freight fee's to your service, that's your liability to the 3rd party.
  • How do you handle order changes and cancellations?
    Cancellations are occasionally required when an order can't be fulfilled due to no stock, etc.
    The backend system has a section for you to put a cancellation request in to be reviewed and processed by Store Monster.
    Order changes can be complicated so we negotiate as required, although our best procedure is to include us in your communication with your customer with the final invoice; and we can have the online order match the invoice.
  • How do you engage my customers?
    For simplicity Store Monster staff will engage with your customers as a representative of your business, from the website department.
    If the customer requires more information we can explain that we are a 3rd party sub contractor who operators the store on your behalf.
    We occasionally communicate with customers in relation to technical support for using your store and order enquiries as required.
  • Who processes web orders?
    Orders are processed by your sales team including updating the system with order status, shipping & packaging, providing shipping details were relevant.
  • What if I want a new feature or change something in the system?
    All programming is included at no cost and new features are written to suit the customers needs frequently.
    You can email our staff for your specific request, although approval for that development is at Store Monster's discretion
  • What if I decide on a different website solution or close my business?
    Store Monster has no contract locking you into our agreement, you are free to arrange a different solution or turn off your Store Monster site at any stage.
    Your financial liability to Store Monster is all online product sales commision and any hosting expenses and these are applicable for all online orders that are processed through our system.
  • Who owns the data in the system?
    Store Monster owns all data contained in our database exclusively.
    If you require product information for your stores products we're happy to provide that data for you in it's current format. This is limited to specifically and only your store's product data.
    If you wish to have that data transformed into a different format or changed to suit a new system, etc. that will be a billable service, please contact us to discuss in this situation. We can write custom SQL to suit your needs but will incur an additional expense.
  • How do you handle the security of sensitive client data?
    Store Monster is a highly secure system with many security measures written specifically to protect against a range of possible online threats.
    Passwords are all encrypted in one way hashes and the database is backed up externally consistently in case something were to go wrong.
  • Using this system, like any online system, comes with the inherent threat of online hacking and security breach attempts.
    While we make every attempt to prevent from this occuring, we provide no liability and accept no responsibility for the information in our system.
    Our site stores no payment information, all customer payment data is stored on foreign servers (such as Braintree secure servers) and we have no direct access to it; as such this information is safe.
  • How are users structured in the Store Monster system?
    Store Monster 'end user' customers are able to use their accounts to purchase from all of the different Store Monster stores and are not seperated on a per store basis.
    Future marketing efforts may include promoting your store in amongst other stores to build a community to help each other's store in selling within the community.
  • Trading terms
    Customers complete their orders with payments going directly to you, we do not hold your funds as an intermediary.
    Store Monster invoices you monthly for your stores monthly service fee, which is calculated based on the stores completed orders for the previous month.
    Our accounts are strictly 7 days for settlement and late payment may result in your online store being set offline until the account is settled.

Your Responsibility

  • You are responsible for processing all customer orders in a timely fashion and appropriately setting customer status updates, tracking information and completed orders.
  • Pricing and published information for all products is the stores responsibility.
  • Stores receiving cash, internet transfer or manual payment processing are responsible for prompt updating of customer orders.
  • If you find any piece of software is not working correctly (ie. software bugs), security issues, etc. it is all of our responsibility to tell us about it (with as much detail as you can)
    With that we can investigate and fix any issues; for the betterment of all stores within the community.
  • In the spirit of a working partnership, we expect full honesty and transparency on both sides of the business partnership.
    Any instance of dishonesty, especially in relation to order processing in an effort to reduce our service fee's may result in complete cancellation of your service.
    We are 100% on your team and we want to work with you; but this type of partnership can only work with honesty, respect and teamwork from both of our teams working together.

Store Monster running your online store with your business is intended as a team effort and a partnership.

Our success is your success and we want to see your business do well in the online arena with your custom eCommerce platform.

I personally believe the best business relationships are built upon trust, great trading history and where there is a little give and take with both sides; we can build a long standing great relationship that results in a great online store that serves your customers really well.

Anthony Parker
Monster Media Group

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